Half a comprehensive analysis of the Premiership season FIFA16
December 29 2015


Premier League half of the season has ended, then the game FIFA 16, in the second half of the season the best team in the Premiership, what is it? Xiaobian a look.
This season in the Premier League on a new comprehensive analysis of the best teams in FIFA16 half: half later after contact has the Premier League, the ability to pay attention to a lot of players will be a big adjustment FIFA coin, you can refer to the best team players in the second half, good culture, their team go.
Goalkeepers: Bute Rand
Defenders: Kolarov, Smolin, Alder Velde, Beilai Lin
Midfielders: Canterbury, Paye, Ozil, Mach Juarez
Forwards: Luca library, Waldi
The above is the entire contents of the Raiders, I hope to help you FIFA16 players, we are able to warlords in the game.

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